On The Block: Devin Washington

This is the very first of many “On The Block” features, in which we will ask future, current & former Gamecock athletes at least 10 random questions.  We will be turning to you the fans to come up with the questions.  Start thinking of that one question now that every fan wants to know and we will keep you posted via Twitter on who we have lined up.  Send all questions to OTB@blockcblog.com

We couldn’t think of a better person to lead off our “On The Block” segment than Devin Washington.

Devin has already become a fan favorite among many Gamecock fans. Devin comes to us from Jones High School in Orlando, Florida.  Devin will play DE/OLB at South Carolina and with his strength and ball skills he will be a perfect fit for this defense.  Devin is a well rounded young man who will prove to be a success both on and off the field.  He has already proven to be a natural leader and ambassador for the school and we look for great things to come from him!

Devin Washington… Welcome to The Block!

BCB: There are a lot of Gamecock players that are very outspoken on their Christian beliefs, how has your faith helped you get where you are today?

DW: I would have to say my Faith is the main reason I am in the position I am in today. Without God and keeping Faith in him to lead me in the right direction, I know for a fact I would have been down the wrong path. I believe that with Christ we can do all things, and I know he is guiding me every step of the way.

BCB: With over 30 NCAA 1-A offers was it ever tempting to choose another school and what was the selling point that led you to school South Carolina?

DW: I would have to say at first my mind was open to each and every school. After taking a my first visit to SC in the spring is what set the Gamecocks apart from all the other schools. I loved the atmosphere of Columbia and the overall school and football program itself. There was no main selling point in my decision but I would have to say that I just felt at home when I was up there and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that's where I wanted to go.

BCB: Do you consider yourself a leader? If so, are you more of a vocal leader or more of a lead by example type of player?

DW: Most definitely! I am not the typical leader though, I choose to lead by example rather than being more vocal. I feel as though my peers are more receptive of what I do on the field and the classroom rather than what comes out of my mouth. If it involves vocal leading its more of a motivational type thing where I am helping push them to go beyond their limits and keep working hard. It’s extremely difficult  to get everyone to listen to you but you can work your way to having a bunch who want to cooperate as a whole.

BCB: What are you doing right now to prepare yourself for the 2013 season?

DW: Right now I am training everyday after school at my personal trainer. We are currently doing many of the college style workouts and working on foot work and agility. I am also training with future UGA running back AJ Turman, so everyday is a competition which keeps the tempo always at a high level. I am working on getting mentally prepared in the classroom and on the field also due to the strenuous course load in college topped  with football. You will never be fully prepared but you I believe the training I am currently doing will get me really close too it.

BCB: How much do you know about the Clemson/Carolina rivalry?

DW: I honestly don't know that much about the rivalry between us and Clemson except for the current 4 peat we have on them and that it is a huge in state battle. I tend to stay away from trash talking so I just stay focused and treat the rivalry like every other big time match up that will occur next season every weekend. Clemson is a good team and we will treat them like any other team. I just know it probably does feel good to keep that trophy home every year.

BCB: Who is your all time favorite NFL player?

DW: I really don't have an all time favorite NFL player but rather a few that I tend to focus more on. I have two family members who are currently  in the league Anquan Boldin and Major Wright so I obviously like to watch them play. When it comes to D-Lineman though I focus a lot on JJ Watt, Aldon Smith, and John Abraham. Those guys are all fast off the ball and have great hands and overall motor. They get after the quarterback every play and are always going 100%.

BCB: When did you discover your passion and love for the game of football?

DW: I discovered my love for football back in the 4th grade. It was my second year playing tackle football, and everyday I couldn't wait to get to practice. I used to play all sorts of positions like Offensive Tackle, Center, Fullback, Middle Linebacker and Defensive End. Hitting people was what I loved the most and thats probably what kept me in the sport.

BCB: You have already helped tremendously in helping to recruit fellow Gamecock commits, of all of the other incoming freshman who are you closest to?

DW: I would have to say I am closest to Connor Mitch and Larenz Bryant, I have been talking to Connor ever since we committed last year and we have just been more in contact with each other. I got to hang with Larenz up in Oregon at the Nike Opening so that definitely helped build our relationship. The entire class talks to each other all the time though all over twitter and other social networks so we are all pretty connected.

BCB: Just for fun, if you’re starting an NBA team tomorrow who ya got? Lebron, Bryant or Jordan?

DW: (HaHa) I would have to go ahead and go with my main man the Black Mamba, He is the best and thats all I am going to say about that one !

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