BCB Top 10: 2012 Gamecock Moments

This is the first of many BCB Top 10 list, as we take a look back at the 2012 season with some of our favorite moments.  All list are subject to scrutiny and I'm sure we left off something somewhere.  Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think, we love our followers!

10.  Justice Served 
We all held our breath with Justice Cunningham got hit on the road at Vanderbilt to start the season, but then quickly shifted our emotion to amazement!  This was the only catch by Cunningham of the night but it was a big one. This was the spark the Gamecocks needed after getting off to a slow start in the second half.  The toughness shown on this play help propel the Gamecocks to their first win of the season and also their first SEC win of the season.  This play summed up exactly how the Gamecocks played all season long, physically strong.

9.  Lattimore Breaks The Record
"It's just 3 yards but Marcus has become the all time touchdown leader for the Gamecocks, surpassing George Rogers and Harold Greene, 34 in just 23 games in his career " - Todd Ellis on the call.  If we had to sum up Lattimore's career at Carolina it would be a segment of that quote, "Just 3 yards."  Marcus got the tough yards every single time he was called upon and this play gave him a record he greatly deserved.  We will miss Lattimore this season but his spirit and passion for this program will live on forever.

8.  Clowney to Lattimore 
After the devastating injury to Lattimore most Gamecock fans minds were on his injury and how could this happen to such a great young man.  But, we still had a game to win, If nothing else for him.  Tennessee could not come into our house with the miserable season they were having and beat us.  Cue, Jadeveon Clowney.  With 1 minute to go in the fourth quarter clinging onto a 3 point lead Clowney decides Lattimore deserves this win. Clowney explodes off the edge with a swim move and forces Bray to fumble all but sealing the game for the Gamecocks.  They did a good job of keeping Clowney in check all day but they did the unthinkable, they fell asleep.

7.  Who Cares!? Who Cares!?
Gamecock fans will certainly miss DJ Swearinger this season and all of his explosive play making abilities and big hits.  He was a tremendous leader on the field always rallying the defense and this time he led by example. This play was DJ's way of saying, "I didn't like the call and I'm taking it to the house!".  Todd Ellis makes this highlight even more special with the perfect line for the moment "Who Cares!?, Who Cares!?"  We think everyone in Gamecock Nation will forgive DJ for throwing the ball onto George Rogers Blvd.  It also bears to mention, getting revenge on the Razorbacks who have plagued us the past few years felt pretty good too.

6.  Ace's Shimmy Shake
Sometimes a clip speaks for itself and this is the case here.  Ace Sanders cemented himself last season among the elite punt returners in the game with this runs like this.  This is still one of the greatest punt returns I have ever seen and we have a feeling Ace Sanders will fit in nicely on an NFL team this season

5.  The Outback Miracle
Everything was stacked against us in this game with so many injuries.  Not a lot of people gave us a chance to win.  A back and forth type game that would setup nicely for some 4th quarter heroics at the hands of Dylan Thompson.  With less than 12 seconds to go in the 4th quarter Carolina was down 1 point when Dylan hooked up with Bruce Ellington to seal the game against Michigan.  The Outback Miracle was born. With this win Carolina sealed a Top 10 BCS finish and the game went on to be the highest rated non-bcs bowl game of the season!

4.  4 Peat
It doesn't get much better than going into Clemson under the lights and beating them with our backup QB.  Dylan Thompson had a legendary game and proved how much better of a team we were that night.  You could make a case that the Swearinger hit on Ellington alone could be #3. But, don't forget Clowney also broke the single season sack record that night.  An epic overall game and sets up nicely for this coming season at home, fear the thumb.

3.  GameDay
The atmosphere around campus on Saturday October 7th was nothing short of amazing!  The build up and energy around the Horseshoe and stadium transcended into the stadium.  The impact this game had on recruiting and national exposure will be felt for a long time to come.  I've heard from so many recurits that were at this game talk about how great the atmosphere was.  One of the biggest moments for me was when Ace ran one back to put us up 21-0. Lattimore had over 100 yards rushing in this game he also scored his 9th TD of the year.  All eyes across the country were on us that night and we did not disappoint.   After the game Justin King put together an amazing video that we had to include!

2.  Fear The Fish 
This is one of those plays that defined a season in College Baseball.  It seemed as if we always made the clutch plays every time we needed them.  We rallied behind a beta fish named "Reptar", as he quickly became a household name.  The boys of summer found themselves in the bottom of the 12th against their rival from the upstate in the 2012 Regionals needing a base hit to force Clemson into an elimination game.  The fans were chanting LB just before this play and you could feel the electricity in the air after over 4 hours of play.  It was setup by a Pankake single and a hit and run by Marzilli but it was LB who put a cap on it in front of 8,242 fans!  We all know the ending to this story Jordan Montgomery pitched an amazing game after Clemson beat Coastal and we advanced to the Super Regionals on a 19 tournament game win streak!  Not many videos of this exist so apologies for the quality of the video.

1.  The Hit 
It is one of those "Where were you?" moments in Gamecock lore.  This happened immediately after the botched 1st down call and Gamecock fans were still reeling from the blown call.  When all of the sudden a car crash happened on the field. "It sounded like a car wreck.", said J.T. Surratt.   "That's the hardest hit I've seen in my coaching career." said Coach Ward.  Watching this will never get old, and it certainly hasn't for ESPN.  This highlight has been #1 on ESPN Sports Center Top 10 list since it happened on New Year's Day.  Clowney continues to impress us every Saturday and continues to keep even non Gamecock fans glued to their seats. Lebron James even chimed in on this clip.  Clowney makes our #1 spot and we have a feeling our top moments of 2013 might also involve the big man.  Is it August 29th yet?

Honorable Mention:
Who can forget The Faile Family from Kershaw?  What a great moment and hats off to everyone who made this possible!