On The Block: David Williams

BCB: Who is your favorite NFL RB and who do you pattern your game after if anyone?

DW: My favorite NFL running back is DeMarco Murray and AP.

BCB: Have you had any conversations with Lattimore or any current Gamecock players if so, what advice did they give you?

DW: I've talked to Lattimore when I visited last summer, and I've talk to Brison a lot. He just told me to keep grinding and when I get there stay in film and the playbook.

BCB: What was it like to have Spurrier come to your house and did any other big name coaches make the trip to the couch to talk to the family?

DW: It was amazing! My family was pretty excited about it. I had people calling me asking, can I come over to your house and meet coach? LOL! Coach Bill O'Brien (PSU), Todd Graham (ASU) and Coach Golden (Miami).

BCB: With so many offers, especially some closer to home what is the one thing that put South Carolina over the top on your decision?

DW: I wanted to get away from home and the only home school that was interested in me was PSU. Once they got hit with the sanctions I took them off my list, that then left me with my top 4. Also, coaches were getting fired 

BCB: A lot of Gamecocks fans believe you will be the next great RB at USC, how do you feel when you hear that?

DW: I hope I can live up to that, and I think if I work hard and do everything I'm suppose to do I can be one of the great running backs to play at USC.

BCB: How tough was it growing up in Philadelphia, and talk about going from 3rd on the depth chart at West Catholic and how much you’ve had to overcome to get where you are today?

DW: It's really tough coming from the city of Philly, you're surrounded by so much violence and negativity and it's hard to stay on the right track. When I was a freshmen my school closed, my QB and WR was going to West Catholic so they convinced me to come with them. So, I did and once I got there West Catholic already had two all state running backs. When I got there I knew I had to work hard and with them being so good, it made me better. I think when there is good competition, I tend to play better. I didn't get any playing time until around week 3. The starting running back went down so then I saw my opportunity to shine I shared carries with the other running back. At the end of the game i finished with 12 carries for 200 2TDS , ever since then I've played. During the state playoffs I out played both of the starting running backs and the rest is history.

BCB: Tell us about the feeling of having to transfer from West Catholic to IMHOTEP because everyone was told West Catholic would close only to find out they would stay open. How bittersweet was it to go against them in the District 12 final in which you carried the ball 23 times for 199 yards and 2 TD’s?

DW: It was sad when it first happen but when i found out that my OC got the head coaching job it made the transfer a lot easier. Plus, the school was right down the street from my house so I knew people that attended there. I think it was great to play againist them on such a big stage, the whole city was talking bout this game and how they were going to win and stop me. It was great to play against some old friends and show the city what I'm about. Also, now I can mess with my friends from West and clown them about blowing them out, LOL!

BCB: Who is your favorite musical artist and what is your favorite song?

DW: My favorite artist is JAY-Z , I don't really have a favorite song I love a lot of songs.

BCB: Did you attend any Carolina home games last season and what do you think about the Gamecocks entrance to the field with the 2001 theme song?

DW: I didn't get to make it due to my season, but I think it's amazing and I cant wait to be apart of it.

BCB: Tell us about your experience at the Nike Football SPARQ combine what did you take away or gain from that experience?

DW: I had a great experience, I learned that I'm a good tester. Also, it gave me a chance to attend the Nike opening in Oregon to compete with some of the top talents around the country.