On The Block: Kenny Miles

BCB: What can you say honestly solidified you decision to stay at Carolina instead of transferring?

KM:  It was several things that brought me back, but the first would have to be my teammates. We're a family and being around your brothers everyday you develop a bond and a trust for the guy next to you. It's hard to just pick up and leave your family behind. Coach Sands was another reason, he was a new coach but I liked his coaching style and wanted to play for him. And of course our fan base we have here. Gamecock fans are second to none! I bleed Garnet & Black and I couldn't imagine putting on different college colors. I call this place home.

BCB: We all know that the team itself is a family, but who would you consider yourself the closest to and what kindled that bond?

KM: I can't pick just one guy cause I'm close to alot cats on the team. The whole running back group, Justice, Vonte, Devin, Dylan, Byron, the list goes on. Byron can hook up some mean BBQ though, lol.

BCB: With the pro day right around the corner, what do you most look to impress the NFL scouts with and what type of player would you like to show them you are?

KM: I want to show them that I'm the type of player that will work hard, stay late and be in meetings early. I want to display my ability to catch out the backfield and my speed. I want to show them that I can compete.

BCB: How does it feel to never experience losing to Clemson?

KM: I feel like that's normal,we're suppose to win against them! After all, we are Carolina and they're just Clemson.

BCB: Mike Davis says you were one of the funniest players in the locker room, is that true? What's one of the funniest things that happened during your time at Carolina?

KM:  HAHA...  I was one of the silent prankers on the team, but I think deep down everybody knew. Sometimes I would come in before practice and switch peoples helmets around, or put baby powder in them. I can't tell ya'll all my secrets but I do remember putting cornbread and chicken in someone's cleats before practice once LOL! (Sorry Mike...BANG! BANG!)

BCB: Tell us about your favorite moment at South Carolina.

KM: There are so many great memories, but I would say the top 2 would be beating Georgia the day after my birthday was a great birthday present and beating Clemson on senior night!

BCB: What would be one thing that you could say you helped Marcus Lattimore with and vice versa while playing RB at South Carolina?

KM:  "Latt" and I feed off each other. We are both silly and like to have fun, but know when it's time to be serious. On the field he taught me how to be alot more patient with the zone read and let things happen before you react. As far as what I taught him... that's a question you'd have to ask Latt.

BCB: Tell us your take on the "Clowney Hit" at The Outback Bowl, did you see it and what were some of the reactions like from the sideline?

KM: Of course i saw it!!! That was the Hit heard around the world. LOL,  I thought the ball flew up in the air until I saw it bounce and then realized it was the other guys helmet! That completely shifted the feel of the game, everybody was hype!

BCB: Have you been in contact with any NFL teams and is there a particular team that you'd like to play for?

KM: I'd like to play for the team that wants me there. Its different from the college process, you dont pick, they do. So I'm just going to keep working hard and wait for that team to come.

BCB: What do you think of the RB's now at Carolina and who do you think has a good shot at starting in 2013?

KM: I think the world of those guys man, I really do.  It's like watching your little brothers and knowing they are destined for great things. All those guys are hard workers, so sky's the limit! As far as who's going to be the starter, only the coaches will know but if you ask me on August 31st I can tell you. (lol)