On The Block: Pharoh Cooper

Pharoh Cooper is an under the radar type of player that will be doing GREAT things at Carolina.  When you put a ball in this kid’s hands, he knows just what to do with it.  Take a moment out of your day and view Cooper’s highlight tape.  He’s an athlete in every sense of the word on both sides of the ball.  We think he will be returning punts from day one!  We also think he will be in on a few gadget plays this year, don’t sleep on his arm he can throw! Don’t take your eyes off this kid on Saturday’s. He’s a play maker and we don’t think it will be a question of if he will be playing this year but what position to put him at to give him the best chance to succeed. 

Gamecock Fans we have a new name to scream at Willy B  this fall… “COOOOOOOOP!!!”

Pharoh Cooper… Welcome to The Block! 

BCB: Which side of the ball are you most comfortable Offense or Defense?

PC: I am most comfortable with either one honestly! I'd say defense is better though!

BCB: How did it feel to win not one but two State Championships in HS?

PC: It's like a dream come true! I'll remember that for the rest of my life! And i give all the glory to god and thank all my teammates for it !

BCB: Has the coaching staff talked to you about special teams and how do you feel about playing special teams as a return man?

PC: Yes they have talked to me about playing special teams already and I'm very excited to have a chance to do special teams in this program

BCB: Did you go to any Gamecock football games last year and what was that experience like?

PC:  Yes, i went to the ECU and Georgia game last year.  It was amazing! The atmosphere was unbelievable especially against Georgia 

BCB: What was it like to meet Coach Spurrier and did he give any indication as to which position he’d like to see you at?

PC: It was nice meeting Coach Spurrier. He's a nice laid back type of guy. Coach would like to see me at WR but I'm going to start off on D.

BCB: Did you have any nicknames in High School?

BCB: How big of an adjustment do you think it will be between college and high school, especially the SEC?

PC: I’d say speed.  I played in a couple all star games after the regular season and the biggest difference was speed! And I'm positive it will be more physical since I'm playing in the SEC

BCB: In what ways have your coaches inspired you during your high school career?

PC: Just to keep faith in The Lord and stay humble. Our coaches remind us everyday. We'd pray before every game and after every practice. 
BCB: While playing DB, who is the best WR you have faced and what separates him from other WR's? 
PC: There's not many great receivers I played against but the best would probably be a guy from a county rival school from 2 years ago. And he was Big and fast.

BCB: After an interception, what is the first thought that you have? 

PC: To SCORE. That's the only thing on my mind. 

BCB: We are getting ready to head into March Madness, Who is your pick to win the men's NCAA Basketball Tournament? 

PC: I don't really watch college ball like that. So I don't know (haha). I just want to see a good game.