On The Block: Stephen Garcia

BCB: Take us back to the big game against Alabama in 2010, tell us about that experience and what's something that may have happened during the game that fans may not know?

SG: That game was one of, if  not the most fun I've ever had playing. The whole team was clicking on all cylinders and it was just awesome. I think that was the stepping stone of what USC has 
become too. It finally put us on a national stage as being a contender and obviously the program has exploded since. As far as something the fans may not know, I'm not really sure. I think that game has been dissected by everyone from all angles.

BCB: What do you think of all the continued success at Carolina after you left, any predictions for this upcoming season?

SG: I am really happy for the players... both current and past. We've put a lot of hard work for many years and it's awesome to see that work paying off. They've got a great bunch and I talk to most of them daily. It's tough to predict because the SEC is so hard, especially on the road. I think it can be a very successful year for SC again though.

BCB: Tell us what Lattimore was like as a teammate and have you spoke with him since he declared for the draft?

SG: He was such a great teammate, on and off the field. The guy would do anything for his fellow teammate. You'll never hear anything negative said about him. I talk to him just about every week. I'm actually having dinner with him while he's down in Tampa. I really hope it works out for him in the NFL and teams believe in him.

BCB: How are things going for you in the CFL, have you played with or against any former Gamecock players?

SG: It's definitely a different game up there. Its a hard transition. The language is so different (not only the French,  but the playbook). The playbook is like reading a foreign language. So much more verbiage  I have seen and talked with Sorenson, Carlos, Brandon Issac, Corey Boyd.

BCB: What is your favorite memory playing at South Carolina?

SG: My favorite memory was beating Florida in the swamp for the SEC East Championship. The first and only. I am so honored to be a member and quarterback of that team. Breaking down barriers was the main attraction that lead me to SC. I wanted to help change program to a winning program.

BCB: What advice would you give to the incoming freshmen QB's at Carolina? 

SG: Tough one. Biggest advice is to stay the hell outta Five Points and stay focused. Once you're in the dog house, it is very difficult to get out.

BCB: Who was your favorite NFL QB growing up and why?
SG: Easy, Favre the gun slinger. He played with such passion and he had FUN. He was awesome to watch.

BCB: Have any NFL teams reached out to you recently and how close did things get with the Atlanta Falcons?

SG: I haven't heard anything from anyone yet while in Canada. Hopefully, I will after my contract is up after this year.

BCB: If there is one thing you'd like to say to all of Gamecock Nation what would it be?

SG: I am sorry for what happened at the end. It was devastating to me and my family. I never wish that on anyone. I want to let them know that I had a chance to leave after my freshman year and I told the coach I wanted to stay and graduate from SC. It didn't end nearly the way I projected it, but I got my degree and met a TON of people that I respect and keep in contact with to this day.

BCB: If you had one thing to say to Spurrier, what would it be?
SG: That I'm sorry for being so hard headed. It was tough being crushed in the media day in and day out and in meetings and I let it get the best of me. I was immature and didn't understand how to handle it. The teammates helped so much in keeping me calm and keeping me at USC or I would have left a long time ago. I have spoken to coach a few times since it went down and they were healthy conversations. I hope nothing but the best for him and his staff.

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