The Bullpen: SC 6 - Texas A&M 4

Belcher with the win, Webb with the save!  Wow!  Nolan Belcher all I can say is wow!  51 Strikeouts to 1 walk on the year!  Simply amazing!  I believe between the Belcher-Webb duo they have a combined 77 Strikeouts to 3 walks!  It certainly helps that our hitters jumped up and ripped this game open early with a 5 run first inning!  LB continues to shine, as does English!  A shot down the first base line was what we needed from the speedster!  Love to see him scamper the bases with his helmet hanging on by threads!  Max Schrock is going to be an amazing second baseman for us and keeps reminding us of our golden boy Scott Wingo!  From a sweep last weekend were we couldn't produce runs to a series already won on night two this weekend!  Tonight's great stat for me was 6 run on 11 hits!  I'll say this when we do hit the ball we generally manufacture runs!  Way to go Yardcocks! Let's get the sweep!

Next Game: Saturday, March 30th at 1:30PM from Carolina Stadium.

Sam Groen

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