On The Block: Bryson Allen-Williams

Bryson Allen-Williams is a huge pick up for the Gamecocks.  Last year as a junior he racked up 99 tackles, 22 of them were for a loss, 1 pick, 2 fumble recoveries and 2 forced fumbles.  Bryson also likes to rush the passer, bringing down the QB for 16 sacks last season.  This kid plays hard and will fit in nicely with this defense. Most importantly he's Gamecocks all the way, already becoming quite the recruiter.  We are very excited to have him at Carolina and can't wait to see him on the field.  We caught up with him to go "On The Block" with us!

BCB: How important was it to go ahead and get your commit out of the way and tell us what the recruiting process has been like for you personally?

BAW: It was important because I knew since January where I wanted to further my education and playing career. I was ready to make my decision and start it rolling for 2014. The recruiting process has really been fun and exciting. I was able to see inside some of the biggest and best programs in the country. I've been blessed. 

BCB: Did any current players have influence on your choice to come to Carolina? If not what was your main attraction to Carolina?

BAW: No current player influenced me. My main attraction was the great coaches, the legacy that Coach Spurrier is building, the awesome fan base and the role that Coach Ward has presented to me for my future. The players are like a family and Columbia will be a great city for my career path. 

BCB: You have said you would play a role in getting other recruits such as DeShawn Hand to consider the Gamecocks. What kind of impact do you think you could have one the #1 prospect in the country and how close are the two of you?

BAW:  I don't know if I'll have any impact on him. We've never met. I'm hoping that we will have an opportunity to meet in the future.

BCB: Sum up what you like about Coach Ward and why do you think he's a favorite among all of his players?

BAW: He's very honest, funny and direct. He keeps it real with you. He gives praise when it's due and he's gonna correct you when you're wrong.  Coach is a great motivator and he is just a good guy. 

BCB: Alabama offered you and is a program always in contention for the National Championship. Why not commit to a power house and play for a defensive minded head coach in Nick Saban?

BAW: I wanted to go to a school and help create a legacy, to be a part of the beginning of something great. Coach Saban and staff are great people. But, I just believe that SC is on the verge of being the cream of the crop too.

BCB: There has been talk of High School football becoming more popular in Georgia than other well known High School football states such as Texas. What is it like playing big time High School football in Georgia?

BAW: It's amazing. Any given Friday any team can win. We battle to be the best year round. 

BCB: You played a lot with your hand in the dirt at DE tell us about your transformation to LB?

BAW: It's an easy transition because in my opinion I have great instincts and I'm able to decipher plays before they get started. I actually played LB my 9th grade year and moved to DE to get on the field earlier.

BCB: You are the 7th Linebacker to commit in just around a year’s time. How excited are you to come in next year and compete with guys like Larenz Bryant, Skai Moore and Mohamed Camara?

BAW: Very excited. Competition brings out the best in everybody. I feel that I'll  be a guy who comes in and will work hard, learn as much as I can from the older guys, and compete for an opportunity to get on the field. I'm not scared of hard work and learning. 

BCB: A lot of players talk about coming to Carolina to do something that has never been done before.  How closely have you followed South Carolina and how important is obtaining "first in school history" to you?

BAW: I started following SC last year after I went to camp. After the UGA game the atmosphere was electric. I stood in the locker room and observed everybody. I was impressed and felt like I could be a part of what they are trying to do at South Carolina. Being the a part of the first class to win a SEC championship or a NC will be exciting and I want to be a part of that. 

BCB: What is one thing you want Gamecock Nation to know about BAW?

BAW: I'm a hard worker who is going to do my best to represent Gamecock Nation proudly. 

Charlie Drafts