The Bullpen: Florida Series

It's been almost a week since I wrote about our Gamecocks baseball team. I haven't had any way of putting it properly down on paper. Its been a whirlwind of a hitting display. I have thought about it and now know what I want to say.

Coach Holbrook I applaud you, and you have earned my respect! It has been insane how close our run tally is to the amount of hits we have. It reminds me of my thoughts on Arizona going into the CWS Championship Series. That very thought was "these kids have discipline, and know how to hit!" We are a team that has become very disciplined and when we're on, we're on! Our numbers are great, our pitching is great! This is short n' sweet and all I have to say is, "This is fun and I believe this is a start of another great coaching tenure!" Cockadadoodle doo and keep swinging away Gamecocks!!

Sam Groen

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