The McEvoy Transfer

Although Quarterback Tanner McEvoy never played a game at USC other than his two Garnet and Black spring games, his name is still fresh in the minds of Gamecock fans.  The 6' 6", 215lb highly touted recruit from New Jersey came to USC with a lot of promise after an impressive Senior year of HS.  His senior year also happened to be his first year at QB after the move from WR.  He threw for 2,264 yards and 32 TD's and rushed for 1,196 yards and another 14 TD's.

After his redshirt season and decent showing in last years spring game, where he threw for 132 yards and 2 TD's including a beautiful 63 yard sideline pass to DL Moore.  Fans were left with a great impression of the raw talent by McEvoy and with some work he could possibly one day play Quaterback at USC. Tanner McEvoy seemed to be a perfect fit for our read option offense.

August 1, 2012, news came of McEvoy’s arrest.  He was charged with speeding and driving after consuming while under 21, a misdemeanor in North Carolina.  All of the Stephen Garcia detractors immediately came out of the wood work on message boards and social media and started the comparison between the two.  I cannot count how many times I read that he was caught driving under the influence. “What happened is Tanner got a speeding ticket and the guy said have you had a beer and he said yes sir, I had one maybe two I’m not sure, but he was not over the limit. It was not a DUI.” Spurrier said.  As to what punishment was to be doled out, that would have to come from newly crowned Athletic Director Ray Tanner.  The meeting of the Tanner’s commenced and it was decided that McEvoy would be suspended from the team.

Two weeks after the arrest Tanner McEvoy decided it was best to transfer.  "The Gamecock coaching staff and I wish Tanner all the best, as he continues his collegiate career elsewhere," Spurrier said.  Many Gamecock fans were shell shocked over the arrest and were now left with a lot of questions after the hasty decision to transfer.

Tanner McEvoy transferred to the JUCO Arizona Western College.  In his first year McEvoy completed 68 percent of his passes for 1,943 yards and 25 touchdowns while only giving up 6 picks.  He rushed the ball for almost 414 yards with 6 touchdowns.  McEvoy would go on win ACCAC Football Offensive Player of the Year and would be one of  the top rated dual-threat quarterback coming out of JUCO.  Pretty soon Texas would take an intrest in McEvoy and open up the recruiting flood gates for the young quarterback.  After Texas came offers from Oregon, Florida, Wisconsin, & West Virginia and the recruiting battle began.  After a few official visits McEvoy would eventually commit to Wisconsin. Tanner enters the program with 3 years of eligibility left and since he is a JUCO transfer he could play immediatly.  The Wisconsion fan base already had plenty to talk about with a new head coach and offensive coordinator and were now scrambling to find out who this kid was.  Pretty soon a buzz began to circulate around Madison that McEvoy could in fact become the starter for Wisconsin in 2013. 

We caught up with Tanner McEvoy and discussed his time at Carolina and his future as a Badger.

You received multiple offers from big name programs after a successful run at Arizona Western, what was the main attraction to Wisconsin?

I did have some great programs to choose from but after taking my visits I felt most comfortable with Wisconsin. They have a great tradition at their school and I think I can make a big difference on their team as soon as I get on campus

Just sum up for Gamecock fans exactly what went down and what led to your decision to transfer.

I loved being down in Columbia and playing for that team but after I got in trouble during the summer, I realized quickly during the first days of camp that I wasn't going to get a chance to compete with Dylan and Connor and with my personality, I just wanted to play. After talking to Coach Spurrier, we decided it would be best if I tried a different school and see where things would lead from there. I decided to go the JUCO route and it worked out just as I was planning it to.

A lot of fans are predicting that you will start for the Badgers this season, what are you doing to prepare for the upcoming season?

I've been home this whole semester and have been working out at a gym called DeFrancos with some NFL guys. I've been trying to put on some muscle and now since the weather is much nicer, I've been throwing with my highschool team and some local friends.

How early in your season at Arizona Western College did teams start contacting you?

Honestly, I didn't hear from any big schools until Texas started talking to me towards the end of the year and once that happened, a lot of other schools followed.

You had multiple D1 offers coming out of High School what led to your decision to commit to South Carolina?

When I was coming out of High School SC was definitely the best fit for me and I don't regret my decision. I liked the coaches players and city the school was in. I had family in the area also which helped.

You were compared by your coach at Arizona Western College to Collin Klein but a better passer and athlete, how do you feel about that comparison?

The Klein comparison is nothing I'd ever complain about since he was a Hiesman candidate this season.

Was there ever any discussion about possibly playing WR at USC or was the main focus for you to play QB.

It was mentioned once or twice but I wanted to play quarterback and USC wanted me at quarterback too.

With a new OC & Head Coach at Wisconsin have they talked to you about what type of offense that you might be featured in?

Wisconsin last year with having the running back they had last year, they ran about 85% of the time. But the new coaches seem to want to add more variety to their new offense and that's where I should fit in.
What message would you like to give to Gamecock fans?

To the the gamecock fans all I have to say is they treated me great from day one and I loved the experiences but I had to make a decision that was best for me

Who knows how Tanner will do in College Football, only time will tell. But we do know that the kid has a lot of talent and from everything we are hearing he has learned from his mistakes and seems to be ready to play in 2013.  We wish him nothing but the best on his journey.

Charlie Drafts