What Baseball Means to Me.

The sound, the smell, the excitement!  What is it?  It's College Baseball at its finest!  Dink, pop, chatter of the players, fans yelling "C'mon Blue!"  It's Baseball! It's passion!  It's the thrill of the road to Omaha!  Knowing your opponent, knowing your strengths & watching your coach teach situations to help gain experience.  I love to see Carolina win, I also like to see them lose. 


It's because these are boys becoming men and they have to have the ability to learn and the game deserves humbleness.  It's not about being the best and never losing, it's about having fun!  It's about 9 players on a field trusting each other to know where to be.  It's like no other sport out there, a less talented player can become the star or a legend by the simplest play in a critical situation.   If the season is stressing you out just remember the movie the Sandlot.  Watch it and apply it,  It's about fun, win or lose.  It's about the sounds, the smells, and whether your watching little league, high school, NCAA, or MLB they are all out there playing a game anyone can play! 

Love the game, show passion, and enjoy being a kid again.  This is what baseball is to me!


Sam Groen

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