On The Block: Justin King

If you're a Gamecock fan then you probably know who Justin King is or you have at least have seen some of his work.  Justin King is well know in Gamecock Nation for his Gamecock videos.  All of the passion and love Justin has for the Gamecock program shines very brightly in each one of his videos.  We all wait in anticipation for the next video to come out after a big Gamecock win and Justin seems to love what he's doing as much as we love watching.  Here is one of our favorite Justin King Video's...

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We asked Justin a few questions in this On The Block segment...

BCB: Of all of the videos you've created which one did you spend the most time creating?

JK: "The Clemson video from this past season, mostly because of the tribute to Carolina Football. That took a little bit of time to formulate into a cohesive story and actually edit."

Who is your favorite Gamecock of all time and why?

JK:  "Marcus. That’s not a knock on any other players, past or present. It doesn't have anything to do with on-field accomplishments either…for me it’s about the adversity Marcus has overcome and continues to work against. I respect him for the records he set…but I admire him for his refusal to quit."

BCB: What is your main source of inspiration and motivation for making Gamecock videos?

JK: "I love telling stories and capturing emotion. What makes sports stories stand out is that the powerful moments aren't manufactured by individuals trained in acting…they’re as real as it gets."

"That moment when 85,000 hands shoot up in the air and people literally scream with joy? That’s real, it’s raw, and it’s very powerful."

BCB: Of your videos which one would stand out above all others as your personal favorite?

JK: "Probably the Georgia video of this past season…and not even because of the video as much as the game itself. I don’t think I have ever seen so many smiles and so much excitement in one place."

BCB: What are your plans as of now, any future videos on the horizon? 

JK: "Absolutely! I hope I don’t ever stop creating. My plans are to just keep working hard and learning as much as I can."

BCB: Have you had a chance to meet any of the players in your videos or have you ever heard any direct feedback from some of the players that have seen your work?

JK: "I've talked to a number of the players and their families over time. It’s humbling to know that the people who make the videos possible also appreciate them.  Without their hard work - most of which isn't glorious - there wouldn't be any highlights for me to cut."

BCB: Can you give us your prediction of the 2013-2014 football season?

JK: I can’t really make an accurate prediction because I see everything in a different shade of garnet (undefeated national champs!)…but I will say this: If the Gamecocks leave Athens with a fourth-consecutive victory over Georgia…the sky is the limit.

BCB: Have you ever thought about making a Steve Spurrier tribute video?

JK:  "For sure, but it’s tough to pay tribute to a story that isn’t finished…and I have a feeling Spurrier has a few more tricks up his sleeve."

BCB: How amazing would it be to make a South Carolina SEC Champions video? We are thinking maybe an hour long?

JK: "It’s going to be tough to capture the excitement of that moment, but I like a challenge." 

BCB: You have gained a lot of popularity among Gamecock Nation for your quality work. What is something you'd like to say to all of the fans?

JK: "Thank you."

"Thank you for all of the kind words, support, and motivation. I thank God I have the opportunity to create things that make others happy, and I’m excited to finally be warmed up."