Clowney Will Answer.

As I sit back and listen to fans call in on the radio and read the message boards and social media about Clowney sitting out against Kentucky I feel a little compelled to chime in.

One thing that I hate is when fans are critical at anyone who would even remotely suggest that he is not sitting out due to pain but that he's already thinking about the NFL. In the same breath they invoke the absolute conclusion that they are certain that he was in pain and that is the very reason he chose to sit out against Kentucky.

That is the funny thing about a good argument though, there is always two sides. One thing we all can agree on is that none of us know except Clowney himself what he felt like before game time. So, don't be so certain one way or the other. Keep your mind open, there is a world of knowledge waiting to creep in.

In any type of argument you have to look for facts. One key fact that you can't ignore if you're being truthful and real is the reaction just before kickoff from Spurrier. The last time I checked he was the head coach of South Carolina, if anyone is in the know on the status of the active roster just before kickoff it should be Spurrier.

Spurrier was in shock that his starting DE was not going to be playing against Kentucky and it was pretty obvious before the game and after. So, where did the communication break down fail? I've heard a lot of fans critical of Spurrier for not being specific in his comments and leaving an open door for the media to inject their own stance on why Clowney was not playing against Kentucky. The media was going to jump on this story regardless of what Spurrier said. I for one think that Spurrier was just being his brutally honest self. He simply didn't know and was surprised upon learning the news. For Spurrier not to know that the best defensive player on his team was not going to start is the issue, plain and simple.

Why did Spurrier not know that Clowney would not be playing?

Clowney did not practice on Thursday but Ward wasn't concerned about his status against Kentucky post practice.  Was the training staff holding out hope he would play? I for one believe it is entirely possible Clowney was in pain and couldn't play, but for the Head Coach to be unaware is a much bigger issue that needs to be discussed. That is what is bringing up so much doubt. No one is doubting Clowney, but when you step back and look at this thing as a whole you understand the reaction.

We've all heard the stories this week, everyone has attacked Clowney personally, his character, his passion. I've seen everything from he should sit out the rest of the year to he just dosen't love football. I guess we will ultimately find out when Clowney finally gets a chance to defend himself.

The first time we will hear from Clowney will more than likely be behind a microphone later this week. That will be great for him to finally but to bed some of the rumors and those who think they know what is best for Clowney. But, in my opinion Clowney has only one way to answer his critics.


If he's injured then by all means sit out, no one will ever question a player who sits due to injury. But, if he's healthy, then finish the season strong and silence the critics and put on a show for the guys who will be signing the checks next year.

It's time to turn on the Beast Mode and hide the kids because I feel like Clowney will Answer.

Charlie Drafts

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