On The Block: Jimmy Legree

Photo Courtesy of Gregg Martin. Copyright 2014 Gregg Martin Photography

Here at Block C Blog, we recently had an opportunity to catch up with former Gamecock and recent NFLPA Bowl participant Jimmy Legree. Legree was 1 of only 4 scholarship seniors this past season on the South Carolina roster and is now getting geared towards a future at the professional level. The Beaufort native finished his career as a Gamecock with 67 total tackles, 6 interceptions and 1 touchdown. 
Here is what Jimmy had to say about his career and experience as a Gamecock; as well as his future preparations for the upcoming NFL Draft. We wish the best of luck to Jimmy and can’t wait to see him play on Sundays.
Jimmy Legree... Welcome On The Block!
BCB: Take us in the locker room in Columbia, Missouri at half-time last season, What were the coaches saying and what was the overall mood and emotion?

JL: "Well, we knew we were in a dog fight that would come down to the wire. Coaches reminded us to be disciplined as well as focusing and believing in one another.  The mood was calm yet ready and willing to give it our all the second half."

BCB: Tell us about your experience at the NFLPA Bowl, what did you take away from the experience?

JL: "It was an honor to be around so many legendary coaches and people that can have a major impact on your future. I took all the coaching and advice with me because I now have a clearer focus on my future."

BCB: After the NFLPA Bowl, what are your plans for preparing for Pro Day and the NFL Draft?

JL: "I plan on training hard and getting in the best shape of my life and be prepared for anything."

BCB: You had 6 career interceptions as a Gamecock, which one of those would you consider your most memorable and why?

JL: "All of them were special to me but the one that stands above all is the one against LSU. Growing up I was always a LSU fan and just being able to be out there playing against them was like a dream come true"

BCB: You chose South Carolina over Clemson. What was your main reason behind your decision?

JL: "South Carolina is in the best conference besides the NFL so it was a challenge I wanted to take. I wanted to compete every week and go against some of the best talent in the world. Plus, it's not too far from home."

BCB: As a CB at South Carolina, who was the toughest WR you've faced and why?

JL: "I would say I have faced many tough receivers, but none compare to the ones I faced in practice everyday. Throughout my time at Carolina I have been against some great receivers from Alshon Jeffery to Ace Sanders, and to Bruce Ellington and Nick Jones."

BCB:  Take us back to the  Michigan game interceptions. What were your emotions at the time and what did the team have to say way when you returned to the sidelines?

JL: "That interception was great it felt good I wish I had returned it all the way but my teammates all were happy for me as usual."

BCB: What is that one play at South Carolina that will always stick in your mind as being your favorite and why?

JL: "My favorite play would have to be my first college touchdown coming from my first college interception against ECU."

BCB: What are your thoughts on the defense for South Carolina this coming season, with the guys already on the team and the recruits coming in, who do you see stepping up in secondary and becoming a leader?

JL: "South Carolina will always have a solid defense either with the young guys coming in or the ones already there. As far as the secondary goes, I would say Brison Williams will be the known leader of the group."

BCB: What is something you'd like to say to all of Gamecock Nation?

JL: "Gamecock nation has by far the best fans in the world and I thank you for the love and support and welcoming me to your home and thanks for making it the best years of my life & GO COCKS!!"