On The Block: Darin Smalls

BCB: How have you played a part in the recruitment of other DB commits thus far or any other targets the Gamecocks are pursuing?

DS: "I've played a small part in getting DBs in that we've needed but my little help is better than no help at all."

'I've wanted to commit to USC before I knew about the other targets and once I found out about them I did try to help get them on board."

BCB:  Are they any personal goals that you have set for yourself as far as preparation before arriving on campus?

DS: "Before I get on campus I would love to have my knee back to almost 100% and be ready to play for my team."

BCB: How important was it for you to stay close to home while playing football at the collegiate level?

DS: "Being close to home was very important in my decision because I have a lot of family and friends that want to see me play and do great things and I'm only an hour and thirty minutes away from them."

BCB: What do you feel like is the best part of your game?

DS: "Being on the island. Every WR will get a taste of "Smalls Island." I love taking out the main receiver one on one."

BCB: Have coaches talked to you about becoming a possible kick returner on Special Teams also?

DS: "The coaches have mentioned the return game to me but I'm not sure if I'll actually get a chance to."

BCB: What's something unusual or funny that's happened during the recruiting process?

DS: "The funniest thing would have to be running into one of the other coaches that wanted you to commit to them but you already made your decision. It's very awkward haha."

BCB: It appears from the outside looking in like this class of 2014 is a tight one, like you all get along.  Talk about the bond you guys have formed and who are you closest to
in this class?

DS: "This 2014 class is very close, we've pretty much became brothers in matter of two days.  I'm probably the closest with Kalan Richie, the guy only lives 30 mins away in goose creek!"

BCB: What's one thing that Gamecock fans don't know about you but you'd like to let them know?

DS: "One thing they don't know is that my favorite tv station is hands down...Disney Channel and my all time favorite movie is Lion King."

BCB: What will you miss most about high school and what are looking forward to the most about college?

DS: "I'll most definitely miss the home crowd and the feeling of my small town being at the game to support me and my teammates. When I get to college I'm just hoping for the same great feeling of having loving fans and people behind me to back me up and help me when I'm down, but by the looks of things these USC fans are a perfect match."

BCB:  How was the big recruiting weekend, what surprised you about South Carolina that you may have not known until this official visit or what really stood out?

DS: "The recruiting weekend was awesome! Had a lot of fun with all the other recruits.  What surprised me the most are how intense the workouts are, I knew they worked out hard but this is really intense and I can't wait to be apart of it all. It's great to be a GAMECOCK!"