On The Block: Dante Sawyer

By Charlie Drafts 2/2/2015 | charlie@blockcblog.com

Source: Dante Sawyer Instagram: 9x5d

Gamecock fans know the name Dante Sawyer very well, the four star defensive end originally committed to South Carolina in December of 2013.  He was ready to come in and be a part of the 2014 class but he needed to go to JUCO to get some things squared away first.  He's spent the last year helping to lead East Mississippi Community College to an undefeated season and league title, accounting for 6.5 sacks and 21 tackles. 

Dante showed exactly why he was highly recruited during the 2014 Army All-American Bowl where he was virtually unblockable, racking up 3 sacks and basically living in the back field during the game and practices.  Dante is a key piece to this 2015 class and would be a much needed pass rushing addition to the defensive line. Sawyer has a year of JUCO experience under his belt and is ready to come in and make an immediate impact on this team. 

I caught up with Dante in this latest edition of On The Block with Block C Blog.

BCB:  You have the opportunity to leave in May and join the Gamecocks in June, what is your number one goal when stepping on campus in June?

DS: “My number one goal is: when I first get there prove to everyone why I should be starting. Show everyone what they have missed from last year, bring that swag back to the defense and make the best out these next 3 years.”

BCB:  You helped to lead East Mississippi Community College to and undefeated season and a title, how do you feel playing JUCO has helped you to gain an advantage to get playing time this season?

DS: “Playing JUCO gave me some experience that some others haven't gotten yet. I went against some big SEC type guys and I feel like it's preparing me for the next stage.”
BCB:  It looks as though all the recruits including yourself had a great official visit weekend, you shared a great picture of coach Spurrier with the caption “If this isn’t swag then idk what is.” Tell us about this picture, your visit with Spurrier and what sets him apart from all other coaches?

DS: “See, Coach Spurrier is going to keep it 100 with you, he won't throw no bull crap at you, he's always going to be real. Some of these coaches promise you things but can't hold up to their promises at the end of the day! 
BCB:  What’s one thing you want all Gamecock Nation to know about Dante Sawyer?

DS:  “I love special needs kids. They're just like us and all they want is to be treated just like regular humans! I've worked with them in my off time. I spend all the time I can with them. I have a few that I call my brothers and we keep in touch.

BCB:  Of the current 2015 class who are you closest to and why?  Is there anybody that has left to commit that you are helping to working on?

DS: “I really haven't got close to anybody, I kind of distant myself from all that while I was in JUCO so I can work on getting out of here. 
BCB:  Did you catch any Gamecock games last year and how much do you know about the Gamecock vs Clemson rivalry?

DS: “I caught most of them, and rivalry? I wouldn't call it that anymore we will pretty much own Clemson these next couple of years... how many have they won in the past 6 years?
BCB:  What is the strongest part of your game and who if anyone do you model your game after?

DS: “Strongest part of my game...I would say my play making ability. I'm gonna always get to the quarterback, but out of the blue I could make a big play that'll change the whole game. My role model is J.J Watt. He's a savage out there."

BCB:  South Carolina had trouble rushing the passer last year; do you feel like you can come in and help right away on the defensive line?

DS: “Can I help? Most definitely, that's my plan and that's what's going to happen. Our secondary is full of some talented guys that can make plays, with a little bit of pressure that'll happen.”

BCB:  What are you looking forward to the most at South Carolina in 2015?

DS: “No more losing seasons.. I haven't lost in a long time and I'm not trying to feel that feeling at all! 

By Charlie Drafts 2/2/2015