Memories From Gamecock Fans

By Charlie Drafts 11/23/2020 |

After the recent firing of Will Muschamp, the South Carolina fan base and players have been turning to social media to let out their raw emotions. Those emotions have been boiling over recently, with fans against players, players against fans and players against players.

More recently, comments were made on Twitter from recent and current players, that essentially said, Gamecock fans were "the worst".

So, we thought it would be a great time to highlight the fact that not only are we not the worst, but we are the best. We are the most loyal, dedicated and passionate fans in the country.

Every fan base has its toxic few, but overall we are an incredible group of people.
We asked all Gamecock fans on social media, to send us your favorite memory or story as a Gamecock fan.

These are those memories, enjoy.

Standing in the pouring rain in 1996 two weeks in a row watching us lose to ECU and Mississippi State. Dad asked if I wanted to leave I said “no way.” It’s my favorite memory because I was with my Dad and at 10 years old knew NOTHING could pull me away from my Gamecocks. It’s just in my blood. -Scott Carroll

While I saw several great wins over my undergrad tenure like the second Outback bowl and going to the Final 4 in basketball, I think my happiest memory as a fan was at a loss to Texas A&M my senior year in 2018. Packed night game at Willy B, and it was my last experience as an undergrad in that stadium (I skipped the Akron game to tailgate because rainy noon games suck). I had a spot low in the student section with about a dozen guys from my fraternity, and we had a perfect view. After we got our spots I saw my former roommates of the past 2 years that comprised my other friend group and got them to come join us. After that another group of friends I hadn't seen in a while arrived and joined us. When we eventually scored, some of my fraternity brothers were bickering about something, but I leaned in and told them to "Shut up and sandstorm". All of my friends in one place, in my last home game, screaming our lungs out to sandstorm at a packed night game. That moment was ultimately a collection of every facet of life I experienced at USC as an undergrad, and that memory is something I look back on when I find myself missing Carolina gamedays. Hope this spreads some positivity across the Gamecock community. -Ben Aland

2015 we all know as the dark and horrible year for gamecock football, but for me it was amazing! I was able to attend my first gamecock football game. I remember waking up that morning and since we live an hour and a half away we left our house at 7:00 so we could tailgate. Game time rolls around and it’s against UCF and when I first heard sandstorm and 2001 I had nothing but chills. Fast forward to this year and I make sure I watch all games and cheer on my gamecocks! I hope to attend USC in a few years where I will always be at the place I love! -Brady Brewer

Growing up my family always went to the games. I'm pretty sure it was 08, I was probably in middle school at the time, we had just beaten Tennessee at home and my dad knew one of the event staff guys working down on the field level seats. As everyone was exiting we decided to stop and talk to the man for a second and when we decided we were going to leave he said we could leave down an exit at the corner of the stadium. It didnt feel like we were supposed to be there but he told us it was fine. We began to leave, my dad in front and my mom behind me, as it was a narrow space and people were packing things up. As we were walking in this busy space a door swung open beside us and a highway patrolman stepped out and was beside my dad, behind him right beside me was the man himself, Steve Spurrier. I just hit his shoulder and said "good game coach!" He said thanks and as soon as I could say it they entered another door. It was one of those moments you dont really realize what happened until a few seconds later. It was such a cool moment even though we probably weren't supposed to be there, and as a kid it was the coolest thing ever. -William Sam Dutton

My favorite moment going to my first game in 1992 when we started in the SEC vs. UGA I forget if we won that game or not but that started me on my gamecocks fandom.-Patrick Fisher

1992. Carolina vs Tennessee. Hank Campbell stopping Tennessee 2 point conversion for a Gamecock win!-Jeff Thouvenot

They'll always be my team no matter what, I get disappointed alot especially with football, but it doesn't matter #gogamecocks -Will Isgett

Favorite USC memory is the ‘94 Carolina/Clemson game (at CU) with my Dad. I was 13 and we drove up from Manning. Got to see Carolina win 33-7 and just enjoyed a great day with my Dad. Those days dwindle fast as you hit teenage/college years. Go Cocks! -AJ Ard

1987. Clemson game. I was four years old. My dad brought me along with three of his friends. Pretty sure I tasted beer for the first time, albeit accidentally. -@DC3_TWEETS

I was about 5 at a booster event and close to the back of the room (probably cause I couldnt sit still). Arguably the worst USC qb of all time, Dickie DeMasi, hung out with me all night. Tossed the ball. I thought I was king. I’ll never forget him. He was a god to me at that age. -Paul Miles

1984. Going with my dad to stand along Airport Blvd. Watching the buses go by carrying the players from the airport after returning from beating Notre Dame in South Bend. -Dave Marshall

2000 game against New Mexico St. My roommate dressed out for the game as a walk on and we snapped the 21 game losing streak. We tore down the goal posts and I ended up in 5 points with no shirt, one flip flop, and a piece of shrubbery from WIlly B. -@Jamesw5858

I wouldn't say it was a great memory but back when Anthony wright was quarterback we went to athens sat in the east upper corner watched as we came out strong first half big lead only to stall not scoring at all second half lost by 20 something but had to endure the worst fans id ever been around cussing us throwing stuff at us as we exited Stadium all the way to parking lot almost had to fight them in front of my family and children with other family members because they didnt care who they could have hurt in process but we finally made it to all our vehicles only to have to sitt for hours just to get out the lot to highway it was a noon game .we got home at 2am .needless to say we took a few for our gamecock team players .ridiculed for hours .worst game experience i ever had in my life .so to the player or ones who say we are sorry or not loyal i hope they read this. I love my team regardless -Paul Grier

Elliot Fry 50 yard FG at Vandy in the final seconds to get Coach M is first win as a Gamecocks. Most of the stadium was filled with Gamecocks fans who took over the city of Nashville that night. -John Schofield

Georgia game 2000. Our defense played an incredible game. I remember Georgia fans leaving Williams Brice with fear on their faces. The stadium and our fans were that intense that day. Go Gamecocks!
-Andrew H. Jernigan

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