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Block C Blog was created in December of 2012 with the sole purpose of bringing a different side of Gamecock coverage. We are fans first and foremost and want to give an average fans take on all things Gamecocks. We wanted to get a chance to interview potential Gamecock recruits and former student athletes by gathering the questions directly from the fans. Thus, our "On The Block" feature was born. We will always continue to work hard to bring you the latest Gamecock news, blog posts & interviews.

Since 2012 we have amassed a great loyal following of Gamecock fans on our website and through social media. Some of our work and interviews have been featured on CBS Sports and other national sports websites.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website. If you need to reach us you can fill out the short form on our Contact page or email us directly at blockcblog@gmail.com.

Go Cocks!

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